Bountiful Garden - Grow & Preserve

The Annual Gardener's Day in Sangudo, AB is ready to go on Saturday, January 28, 2017!

Members of the Sangudo & District Horticultural Society are hosting an all-day, horticultural glimpse of spring. We bring together excellent speakers, great food, new ideas, and a neighbourhood of fellow gardeners. 

If you've ever searched the internet for a vegetable garden topic you've likely seen Alberta Urban Garden pop up. We are delighted to have Stephen Legaree join us for a conversation about his backyard garden adventures. If you want to "meet" Stephen look for his video Espalier Apple Tree 

The ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen has provided advice and recipes for Albertans for 85 years. Our guest speaker brings the latest information on many ways to preserve food from your garden. For a taste of what you'll learn at the workshop check out ATCO's Preserving How-To guide 

Please see the registration form for all of the Garden Day details:

Registration Form (PDF)