George Pegg Annual Meeting & Rare Plants Talk

Join us Monday, May 4th for a light supper at 6pm. At 7pm meet our guest Kristen Andersen speaking about the rare plants of the Whitehorse Wildland Park. Annual meeting to follow. Everyone is welcome, be a part of our 2015 season!  Admission by donation. We are meeting at the Glenevis Hall.  Glenevis is south of Pegg Garden, at the intersection of Highway 43 and Range Road 42A. For more information call 780-203-0331.

Presentation Summary

For many people, the historic George Pegg Garden evokes images of the unusual butternut tree, exploring the old log house, or dabbling in the pond.  However it was George Pegg’s passion for identifying Alberta’s native plants that makes the Garden significant.  He had a particular interest in the Cadomin area. Located near Jasper, it is now part of the Whitehorse Wildland Park .

Whitehorse Wildland Park is truly a gem nestled on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains adjacent to Jasper National Park. It is home to many wonderful hiking trails and alpine wildflower meadows such as the Cardinal Divide, which is one of the only alpine zones around that is accessible by car. 

Over 250 plant species have been documented as occurring in the Wildland Park area. Of these, a striking number are rare, and/or have unusual distributions, which some attribute to unique geology there. Home to so many important plants and wildlife species, and with threats from mining operations nearby, the ANPC has maintained a stewardship presence there for many years. A team of botanists including our guest speaker is currently developing a field guide to common plants of the Whitehorse Wildland Park to provide an educational tool and help promote conservation for this special place. Join us to hear and see the wildflowers and other unique aspects of the Whitehorse Wildland Park.

Our Guest Speaker

Kristen Andersen has worked as an environmental consultant for the past 17 years, and has been an active volunteer with the Alberta Native Plant Council (ANPC) during the past 7 years, currently as the Information and Education Committee Lead and as Steward of the Whitehorse Wildland Park. She also teaches Wetland Ecology at the University Of Alberta Faculty Of Extension. Native plant conservation is part of both her work and hobbies and encouraging others to see the natural resources around us in a new light is one of her favorite things to do.

The Annual Meeting

Everyone with an interest in the Garden is invited to attend. See a photo review of what we accomplished in 2014 and hear about our plans for the 2015 season.  Volunteers are the driving force of this scenic site.  While we have a full slate of executive members for the board, we always welcome new members as directors and volunteers.